Did you know?

Ostrich lack teeth, they swallow pebbles to grind up their food. An adult ostrich carries around 1kg of stones in their stomach.

Quick Facts

Weight: 90-110gms

Size: height 2.1-2.7m

Number of offspring: 7-10 per ostrich

Gestation: 1-1.5 months

Incubation: 1.5 months

Maturity: 3-4yrs

Lifespan: 30-40yrs

Predators: lions, cheetah, leopards, hunting dogs, spotted hyena



Struthio camelus


Savanna, scrub grasslands and semi desert

Natural behavior

Mostly diurnal, living a nomadic lifestyle. Males are territorial and will defend their territory aggressively. Ostrich are able to go without water for several days, surviving on just the moisture from the plants they eat.


Ostrich are the largest and heaviest flightless bird in the world. They have powerful legs and feet allowing them to reach speeds of 70km/h. They also possess the largest eye of any land animal and only have two toes on each foot


Dry, hot savanna semi-arid plains and woodlands


Omnivore; eating plants, roots, seeds, insects, small reptiles and rodents


The dominant female will mate with the alpha male after complex mating rituals. Other females may mate with the alpha or passing males. All eggs are laid in a communal nest with the main hen taking the center position. Incubation is a shared duty between males and females

Social structure

Social; living in small herds of up to 12. Alpha males maintain these herds and mate with the herd’s dominant female


Agricultural cultivation, human encroachment