Did you know?

Golden Lion Tamarins use their long, slender fingers to probe into crevices Mogo Zoo houses breeding Golden Lion Tamarins & have successfully breed offspring

Quick Facts

Weight: 400-800 gms

Size: 19-22cms, tail – 30-40cms

Number of offspring: 1-2 infants, most commonly fraternal twins

Gestation: 4-5 months

Maturity: 18-24 months

Lifespan: 15yrs

Predators: snakes, birds of prey


Golden lion tamarin

Leontopithecus rosalia


Dense low land seasonal rainforest where climate is very humid. Occupying closed canopy and often remaining 10-30m above the ground

Natural behavior

Diurnal and territorial, scent marking to defend their territory, however they never sleep in the same spot for more than one night. Sleeping from dusk till sunrise, often with a midday nap.


Dark hairless face, golden-orange fur covers entire body and long tail, distinct golden-orange mane around face


A narrow strip of lowland, Atlantic coastal rainforests in Southeast Brazil


Omnivore; eating fruit, flowers, nectar, plant gum, insects, frogs, small reptiles and other vertebrates


Breeding is monogamous usually occurring twice a year between September to March. Only one breeding pair within a troop and rearing young is a cooperative effort, although the father performs the majority

Social structure

Social; living in troops of up to eight, usually consisting of a dominant breeding pair and their offspring. Maturing males and females will leave the troop to find breeding opportunities once sexually mature


Habitat loss and fragmentation due to farming, livestock and logging in addition to the illegal wildlife trade