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The Mogo Zoo Foundation was created to protect, care for, preserve, and study animals while improving the communities outlook on them. We assist in delivering the best possible care to animals by providing excellence in dietary requirements, exhibit construction, husbandry skills, and establishing genetically viable and controlled regional and global breeding programs.

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Mafuta the White Lion
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Meet Shani, Kibabu and Mafuta, each named for residents within Mogo Zoo. With each purchase of Shani the Rothschild Giraffe, Kibabu the Western Lowland Gorilla and Mafuta the White Lion the funds are donated straight to the Mogo Zoo Foundation. This will help us to 'Do Good things for animals'.

Each Shani, Kibabu and Mafuta are embroidered with Mogo Zoo and all online purchases come with a complimentary adoption certificate which has a information about each individual.