Did you know?

Emperor Tamarins were named after the Emperor of Germany. Mogo Zoo has a successful breeding program of CTTs

Quick Facts

Weight: 400-600gms

Size: body length – 23-26cms, tail – 39-42cms

Number of offspring: 1 - 2

Gestation: 4.5-5 months

Maturity: 16-20 months

Lifespan: 10-12 years

Predators: Snakes, wild cats and birds of prey


Emperor tamarin

Saguinus imperator


Tree canopy of lowland tropical rainforest, usually located in river basins.

Natural behavior

Diurnal and arboreal spending most of their time 20-30m above the forest floor. Highly social, often living in mixed troops, travelling with other related tamarin species


Speckled brown body and orange tail. Distinctive white, curled moustache, claw like nails.


South Western Amazon region, South America; Peru, Bolivia, Brazil


Omnivore; mainly feeding on flowers, fruit, nectar, tree sap and insects but also frogs, snails and even small birds and eggs. Exploits existing holes in trees made by marmosets to obtain sap


The dominant female will mate with several males during the breeding season during April to July. The dominant female will suppress other female’s reproductive abilities by exhibiting dominant behavior and pheromones. All group members help carry offspring until they become independent, although the father performs the majority.

Social structure

Social; Troops are led by the eldest female and have predominantly male members. Groups consist of 4-20 individuals, comprising a single breeding female, adult males and up to seven generations of offspring and unrelated migratory adults


Habitat destruction and deforestation due to logging. Pet trade