Did you know?

Squirrel monkeys have the largest brain to body mass of all primates.

Quick Facts

Weight: 750-1100g

Size: body length - 25-25cms, tail 35-40cms

Number of offspring: 1 with yearly intervals

Gestation: 5-5.5 months

Maturity: Males – 3.5yrs, Females – 2.5yrs

Lifespan: 15-20yrs

Predators: Raptors, snakes and cat species


BOLIVIAN Squirrel Monkey

Simia sciureus


Primarily found in tropical lowland rainforest and have few restrictive habitat requirements

Natural behavior

Diurnal and arboreal, predominantly using quadrupedal walking or running. Living in home ranges but are not strictly territorial. Males establish dominance through fierce fighting and urine washing


Small, white face with black nose and muzzle. Coat colour varies from brown and grey to golden. Slim, long tail with black tip, which is longer in length than their body


Central to South America; The Amazon


Omnivore, primarily eating insects and fruit but also seeds, birds and eggs, spending much of the day foraging


Polygamous mating system. Breeding is highly seasonal and females will all come into oestrus at approximately the same time and lasts from August till early October. Females are responsible for almost all-infant care

Social structure

Social; living in large hierarchical groups (troops) of 40-50 individuals, may reach numbers of 200 with multi male-female groups. Males disperse from natal groups at sexual maturity while females stay within their natal group their entire lives. Males will also form bachelor groups. Both sexes have independent dominance hierarchies


Deforestation; logging for timber industry, land clearing for agriculture. Hunting for the illegal pet trade and medical research