Did you know?

Servals can leap over 3 meters in the air and are often known as African Leaping Cat

Quick Facts

Weight: 10-20kgs

Size: Length 59-92cms Height 54-62cms

Number of offspring: 1-4 kittens

Gestation: 2.5 months

Maturity: 18-24 months

Lifespan: up to 20yrs

Predators: Leopards, wild dogs, hyenas


African Serval

Letailurus serval


Widely through Sub-saharan Africa, preferring areas of tall grass often close to water, in savannah and grassland

Natural behavior

Crepuscular and terrestrial, living in home ranges.


Slender with long legs, lean body, short tail and small head with large ears. Tawny colour coat with both black spots and stripes. White belly fur. Extremely agile.


Central to South Africa


Carnivorous: specialised in preying on small mammals, mainly on grass and mole rats, birds, reptiles, frogs, crabs and large insects.


Polygynous, male territories overlap as many female territories as possible for optimum reproduction. Although there is no set breeding season, mating most often occurs in the spring. When a female is coming into oestrus and nearly ready to breed she will find and court a male over several days before coming into oestrus.

Social structure

Males are predominately solitary living in home ranges which they defend. Females will stay with offspring for up to 2 years; female offspring are more tolerated to remain in a mother’s home range than males.


Habitat loss and degradation, hunting for pelts and Medicinal value.